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Every individual has a skill competence. The challenge is to identify and develop this skill competence. Identifying the competencies gap is a very crucial part of training and needs to be the focal point of any training program. For too long, the maritime industry has been grappling with the problem of incompatibility of a seafarer’s competency with job requirements.

How does one address the competencies gap with right training and guidance?

CoMPASS is the answer!

CoMPASS is an application delivery platform for competency management, performance assessment and training initiatives that aims to evaluate, train and test a candidate against a competency set defined by competency standards. For the first time, in the maritime industry you will now have the capability to focus training and test seafarers on an identifiable competencies gap based on their performance at work. This is a paradigm shift, in the way seafarers have been evaluated in the past and will go a long way in enhancing a seafarer’s on-the-job delivery.

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. To this end CoMPASS facilitates the assessment and testing of a candidate to identify the competencies gap. The result is a measure of the knowledge, skill and attitude of a seafarer at the workplace. Corrective action is recommended by way of appropriate training programs, with a view to closing the competencies gap and projecting the right talent.

This initiative is a result of the deep knowledge and pioneering work done by Ashtbit in close collaboration with domain experts in the field of competency management and training for seafarers. It involves the use of technology to establish well differentiated competencies and apply specifically designed courses and testing methods to these competencies. Such an approach will help the seafarer overcome the competencies gap through objective assessment and targeted training.

Some potential benefits that could accrue to an individual in particular and the industry in general include a more accurate measure of seafarer knowledge and competency required at the workplace, identification of the competencies gap, better targeted training and use of technology as an enabler and delivery platform.

For industry, these benefits would result in greater operational savings in terms of increased productivity, shorter turnaround times, higher retention levels and broader outreach at low cost.

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CoMPASS is a data driven delivery platform developed using current technology. It comprises a Web application accessed from office and a Desktop application accessed from ship. The design is intuitive, while data is compressed and encrypted. The subscription license includes hosted services from Microsoft Azure which makes the solution secure, scalable and value for money. The platform’s APIs allow for easy data-interchange with third party applications.

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Competencies are created by our panel of specialists who have a detailed knowledge and are an authority on the subject of sea skills. Tutorials and Tests are created by psychometricians and a team of domain experts. The psychometricians engineer the learning exercises while the domain experts develop the actual content.

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CoMPASS has a powerful analytic suite. This is iterative, methodical exploration of the company's data with a focus on statistical analysis. Data analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision making. This is one of the surer ways of gaining competitive advantage.

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Performance assurance is a continuous process that ensures seafarers meet minimum company standards that are set for an acceptable level of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), in a specific job position. CoMPASS helps assess seafarers to ensure they possess the requisite skills and attitude and identifies the competencies gap. Online training programs are then used to address the competencies gap, while online tests measure the extent to which any knowledge gaps are closed. Such a holistic approach helps establish a seafarer’s capacity to work independently and effectively in accordance with stated company standards.




Unlike the competition, CoMPASS is not a static product…

It is a platform whose value is defined by the users who use it. Consequently, it can morph to adapt to changing user and business needs.

It is more than just a delivery platform – it is a critical business driver that supports intelligent agility.

Some compelling insights into what makes CoMPASS a best-of-breed software:

Data Driven

CoMPASS facilitates data-driven decision management, where decisions can be backed up with verifiable data. Here the availability of quality data at a granular level allows for actionable data in real time.
Data-driven decision management is usually seen as a way to gain competitive advantage. A study by MIT Centre for Digital Business showed that organizations that predominantly use data-driven decision making had 4% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits.

Model-driven Engineering (MDE)

CoMPASS has a user-centred design. It has been developed using MDE with a view to increasing productivity by maximizing compatibility and adopting standardized best practices used in the business domain.
The domain model is a representation of meaningful real-world concepts pertinent to the domain that needs to be modelled in software. The concepts include the data involved in business and rules business uses in relation to that data.

Process Control

CoMPASS has been engineered as an enterprise application that uses software-defined domain process designs (skillsets, taxonomy, psychometrics, test matrix) based on an explicit paradigm (competency development) to effectively manage operational business processes such as performance assessment, training and testing. This means that content is necessarily aligned to CoMPASS domain processes and this ensures the application truly delivers on performance assurance.


The power of rapid scaling is a huge competitive advantage. CoMPASS uses APIs to facilitate horizontal scalability i.e. interface to other software entities. Hosting on the Microsoft Azure platform allows for vertical scalability i.e. increase resource capacity such as memory, storage, et al.


Technology is changing very quickly and consequently consumers today prefer to continually own something a little newer and a little better. That being said we have chosen to adopt an iterative approach to application development. CoMPASS is a product of such an approach where iterative software releases cause obsolescence to occur in short refresh cycles over an extended product life-cycle.

Process Intelligence

The objective of process intelligence is to help an organization identify bottlenecks in workflow and improve operational efficiency.
CoMPASS, as a process intelligence software, provides you with accurate information about what work items exist, who does the work, how long it takes work to be completed and which steps are inefficient. It also helps integrate data from disparate sources (performance, training and testing) and provides useful analytics on a historic and real-time basis.

Configurable and Intuitive

This is an online application with remote access. It has an intuitive GUI design and is user configurable. This makes the product easy-to-use, thus requiring little or no training. The configurability makes the application very extendable, depending on business growth.

Secure cost-effective data communication

The data sent between ship & office is encrypted & compressed. This facilitates secure transmission at low cost.

Aligned to stringent audit control & compliance standards

The application ensures appropriate process rules aligned to audit control are followed by the user. This makes compliance audit a formality rather than an extremely challenging experience. The application also provides pertinent information, required by certain compliance standards such as TOTS.

User Data Management

The application allows a user to manage and control user data whether related to assignments, assessments, training or testing. This is in contrast to such information being controlled by the vendor, as is the case with many competitive products.


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